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Attract Investment
QQBBGL|Fashion Clothes - Shape Only One as you / 2016-12-08


Investment model Monopoly franchise
China Merchants area Whole country
Franchise requirements Garment experience: more than 1 years
Funding requirements: 10-30 million
Shop area requirements: the area is not limited
Store location: store location is not limited

Alliance policy:

QQBBGL lead O2O model nuggets market! Excellent products need excellent marketing

Based Internet business giant

QQBBGL headquarters will be in the Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao and other leading electronic business platform to build the flagship store, all sales of products by the partner to share profits.

Huge sums of money to build micro distribution system

The QQBBGL brand WeChat headquarters to deploy service number based on the micro distribution mall, distribution partners can generate a distribution mall, its own mall based on the company's WeChat multiple distributors, the exchequer.

No training partner

QQBBGL adhere to the full training, through internal publications and the Internet provide continuous education and training for the store, the complex marketing theory to guide product display, decomposition method, monopoly management and other daily details, let the clerk for a short period of time to become master business.

Super combat team full escort

QQBBGL brings together the best R & D personnel, management personnel, service personnel, as well as the domestic high-end brand marketing division, designers, engineers, is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of enterprises.

QQBBGL entrepreneurship threshold is very low! Need not experience without education, ultra low investment, high return!

The headquarters of a one-stop shop service, and free return guarantee!

Flag unification: headquarters will be QQBBGL fashion women's mature trademark, visual identification system (VI), corporate behavior recognition system (CI) and other authorized to the operator to use, such as a hundred stores.

Advertising: QQBBGL2016 annual advertising plan has been finalized, the media coverage of television, newspapers and magazines, the major portals, fashion shopping sites, etc..

Marketing follow up: big to and all kinds of holiday promotion plan design, small to a variety of implementation details of the introduction, the design of a variety of activities of the material, the headquarters for you to take care of.

R & D masters: the headquarters of the elite design team to go to the forefront of fashion and fashion, to get inspiration, to protect the supply of new products.

All the training speed: QQBBGL women's fashion to provide business guidance for operators, including manager training, management training, training, training and promotion program collocation.

Regional protection: QQBBGL fashion women's headquarters strict regional protection policy, in the limited area, there is only one store monopoly.

One stop supply: QQBBGL fashion women not only established a complete logistics system, more operators to provide a variety of flexible purchase.

Free exchange: not suitable for the local market unsalable goods, the operator can change the product.

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