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Shopping Process
QQBBGL|Fashion Clothes - Shape Only One as you / 2016-12-08

First, the selection of the right bag, click on the "immediately after the purchase", to join the shopping cart.

Two, enter the shopping cart, if there is a coupon / cash coupon encoding in your account, you can deduct the input encoding amount of goods or you can use wheat beans last deduction, please click "submit order to settlement".
1) a user who has a coupon or cash coupon, please enter the number in the coupon / cash coupon number and then click "use" to use it.
2) a user with wheat beans, please enter the number of wheat beans to be used after the prompt.
3) a gift certificate code for the user, please enter the code input box in the gift box code information and click on the "use" to get gifts.
Tips: users who are not logged in, you can not see the coupon or wheat beans input box, and can not enjoy the above offers, registration only takes you a minute, and the registered users enjoy more preferential.
Three, after entering into the check order information page, in this step need to complete the following operation:
1, fill in the consignee information
1) in order to ensure your goods smoothly to the destination, please fill up the accurate name, address and zip code, telephone and other information;
2) system based on your purchase records will list the commonly used address you used;
3) commonly used address can pass "my wheat bag" > "personal information management" > "common address" to carry on maintenance;
2, select the payment and distribution
1) fill in the delivery method, freight price and scope in the area where you are located ";
2) choose goods to the payment, please first to the "goods to the payment range query" page to check your area is supported.
3) select the goods to the payment, to ensure that the courier can be delivered to your door in time, please select the appropriate delivery time according to your actual situation;
3, billing information / invoice / order message
1) please check the list of goods such as: number, freight and other concessions, the amount of information;
2) on invoice description:
A) wheat bags are open invoices are the invoice is a formal invoice, the invoice content unified "bag", the amount of the open order of the actual
Payment amount (excluding freight);
B) the order please fill the invoice in the month, overdue will not be accepted, such as a return to the invoice and send back together;
C) orders shipped from Jiaxing warehouse, invoice will be sent together with the order goods, from Beijing and Guangzhou warehouse delivery orders, invoices will be in the package
After the package delivery, with the letter of the way to send (time: 7-15 days)
(d) if the goods have been shipped to fill the invoice, customer service will receive the fill in the information, the way to fill in the mail (time: 7-15 days)
E) separate the invoice sent if 15 days have not received, Jiangsu express replacement, the rest of the registered letter reissue.
3) if there is any other need, please note through the order, customer service staff will follow up.
4, confirm the order, and submit
Complete all of the above process, you can at the bottom of the page "button to submit the order confirmation, order submission, submit the order" after the page will be prompted to enter the order number, "my wheat bags" > "my orders query order status.
Four, payment
1, the delivery way to choose the city express delivery order to complete the payment will be arranged for delivery;
1) submitted successfully displayed on the page can choose the mode of payment in order, including Alipay, quick money, money paid through online banking payment, online payment and remittance, post office remittance network huitong.
2) non payment orders will be retained for 72 hours, and more than 72 hours of unpaid orders will be automatically cancelled;
2, the delivery way to choose goods to pay the order just in the receipt of goods will be paid to the courier.
Five, goods receipt and evaluation
Under normal circumstances, Jiangsu 1-2 days of arrival, other areas ranging from 3-5 days (except the weather disasters such as delay). After receiving the goods, please evaluate our goods oh!
Thank you for your support!

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