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Order Status
QQBBGL|Fashion Clothes - Shape Only One as you / 2016-12-08

In "my order", you can view the status of your order:

1) to be confirmed:
Your order is being systematically or manually reviewed. This process typically takes 1 hours.
In this state, you can do the following operation on the order:
1 cancellation of orders
2 modify the order in contact
3 add or modify invoice information
4 if there are more than one order waiting for "online payment" at this time you can also merge to pay your order
2) to be shipped
Your order has been approved and is now in the process of delivery.
3) distribution
Your order has been in picking, picking can be shipped after picking time it usually takes 1 hours.
4) has been shipped:
Your order has been issued by the warehouse, is being delivered by the courier company, you want to know your time of delivery please click: "distribution range, aging and freight". Please check your goods.
5) has been completed:
Your order has been received, at this time you can comment on the bag or drying bag. If the order status has been shipped within 15 days after the return is not occurred, the order status will be changed to the success of the transaction"
6) has been canceled:
If you set the order of goods out of stock, or your order over the other section of the retention period, your order will be cancelled at the same time the system, if you put your "pending" order to cancel your order, also display the cancel"

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